Best Mexican Food I've had outside of Mexico by Ecko Canada at Citysearch

Wow. Is the best way to describe this wonderfully authentic Mexican restaurant. Growing up California I was exposed to some of the best tasting Mexican food this side of the border. Upon moving to Oregon for college I came across this little Taqueria which was just opening. Being homesick and hungry I decided to give their food a try. It is now over 10 years later and it has become my wife and I's favorite restaurant. And now they've expanded and now fill the entire building. My wife and I stopped there today for lunch to experience the newly renovated location. I highly recommend the Steak Burritos. But be prepared they're bigger than your head. :)

Pros: Great Prices, Massive Portions & Friendly Atmosphere

Simply outstanding fare! Portland's best! by boopie at Citysearch

Sanchez is the olympian of mexican restaurants.It pushes the the other mexican restaurants down on the playground and takes their lunch money. I've been going here for eight plus years! Never had an experience below excellent. Prompt service,clean establishment,family run,friendly owner that engages with customers like they were related. The carnitas is outstanding,the tortillas are always fresh,sopas are never dry,the fish tacos rival those found in baja or cabo or wherever anybody else claims they've had the best.The burritos are huge and enough for lunch tomorrow.This place rocks...stop wasting time and get over there soon, it's not too far if you live in China! Lupe put Tigard on the map with Sanchez Taqueria!

Pros: portland needed sanchez! * Cons: usually packed? [editor's note: recently tripled seating]

Great Authentic Mexican Spot in Tigard !!!! by agrav at Citysearch

I joined several friends for a quick dinner and WOW was I surprise. I had a couple of fish tacos and a chicken taco and my wife had the enchilada. I would rate each item as a 10, fresh and full of great flavor. This will be a new place for lunch or dinner.

Pros: Great Authentic Mexican Food

Must try Huaraches! by bdazzled1313 at Citysearch

I was taken there by my boyfriend who is originally from Mexico. He swears by this place. Personally, I'm not typically a huge fan of Americanized Mexican restaurants, but this place is amazing and the most authentic around. It can be a little misleading when you first pull up as it is a kind of hole in the wall type place, but the food is amazing. The Huaraches are to die for!

Pros: Taste! * Cons: None

Awesome tacos by southernbelly at Citysearch

This place has awesome really authentic mexican food. I usually just get the chicken or fish tacos, but I have friends who get more adventurous things and they all love it. Great hot sauces on the tables! Two thumbs up!

Pros: Delicious and fast * Cons: N/A

Best Sopes I've ever had by CCavilee at Citysearch

My mexican mother-in-law raised the bar on how good mexican food should be, after visiting her and my father-in -law a few years ago. This place exceeds expectations. One my sisters co-workers (who is mexican) introduced her to Sanchez Taqueria, who in turned introduced it to me. The have the best authentic mexican food around. My favorite thing is the sopes pastor. Even is chicken is your favorite meat try the's unsurpassed.

Pros: The best taqueria around * Cons: sometimes long lines.....but you can call ahead

Sure, the best in miles by chilerelleno at Citysearch

Ive been a cook for many mexican restaurants in portland and id say you gotta go try this place , some times is full but it is worth it the wait, is a small place next to a steak house , id live in troutdale i drive 30- 40 minutes just to go to eat at SANCHEZ TAQUERIA

Pros: Thumbs up * Cons: NOT ENOUGH PARKING [editor's note: They've just enlarged and taken over all the parking on the property]


Simply The Best by svinyard at Citysearch

My entire family is from Az, born and bred where good Mexican food can be found for sure...especially in the small towns like Globe (lIbbys' El Ray). The Sanchez Taqueria has incredible, fresh food thats in my top 3 I've ever had. Their hauraches are the best I've ever had. You'd be hard pressed to find something thats not good. Portland is easily known for weak food of this kind yet this place is just awesome.

Excellent Carnitas! by love_pinot_noir at Citysearch

Sanchez Taqueria is wonderful. I have been a regular customer for a few years now and I have Never had a bad experience. The Carnitas tacos are by far my favorite, and the chicken sopes are a close second. The burritos are large enough for 2 meals. I would recommend it to anyone who loves great Mexican food at very reasonable prices

Pros: The food is excellent and the service is very fast.

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Sanchez Taqueria by blindnil at Citysearch Best Mexican food in Portland metro area. Portions are very large and very fairly priced. Cabbage is used instead of lettuce, which is far more authentic and does not become a soupy mess. Green sauce is tangy with perfect bite, red sauce is spicier but smokey at the same time. Both corn and flour tortillas are fresh and perfect. I've tried everything on the menu and its all outstanding. The carnitas is better than any pulled pork (I'm from South Carolina, and I KNOW PULLED PORK) I have ever had. The Al Pastor is tender and spiced perfectly. The pollo is never dry and spiced liberally. The asada, while still good is not the best on offer here. Menudo on Saturday and Sunday is excellent. The sopes are never dry or over cooked and the cotija is never lacking. If you have friends from the Southwest or California visiting and they claim that nothing can compare to "their" Mexican food, take them here. They will have a new favorite Mexican restaurant located in Tigard Oregon.